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Meet Our Team

Project Director - King Cheng

Experienced Senior Trainer with a demonstrated history of marketing in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, and Leadership.

Crypto Executive - Rick Wang

Crypto executive, crypto project developing and listing, project community operations officer, ability to independently complete crypto project development and establishment, understand the most working positions in the project.

IT Specialist - Tony Tao

Responsible for the upkeep of communications networks for the organisation, as well as providing technical support and ensuring the smooth operation of the entire company. Also, responsible for monitoring and maintaining the company's computer systems, as well as installing and configuring hardware and software and troubleshooting technical issues as they arise.

Blockchain Developers - Shark Team

Shark blockchain developer is working on optimising and developing all of our blockchain-related dApps, smart contracts, protocols, and architecture.


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